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Success Stories

Success story: Overwhelming feeling of anxiety and being 'stuck'
The client felt lonely since she recently relocated to Vancouver and didn't have any friends.

Treatment: Grounding exercises and relaxation strategies were implemented by the client to reduce anxiety. Coaching skills were offered to expand her network to find people with similar interests.

Results: After four sessions client reported staying more present and away from worries. She said that she is focused on present now and the 'anxiety' became 'excitement'.

Success story: Client came with anxiety and reactional behaviour
The client had difficulties regulating emotions. She had extremely high expectations to herself and suffered from lack of work/life balance.

Treatment:Cognitive distortions were discussed, so the client could recognize and catch negative thoughts before they would get too far. 'Catastrophic thinking' was replaced with a more rational thought process.

Results:During the therapy she started to recognize that people come from different backgrounds, can have different opinions but she is not responsible for people's behaviour and emotions. She is able to catch the 'spiral down' effect before it's too late and able to regulate her emotions better

Success story: A pedestrian hit by a vehicle...
The client was hit by a car and developed anxiety whenever she was around the vehicles and also was hesitating to take driving lessons that she was planning to do before the accident. She was questioning her ability to drive since she was afraid to hit someone. She had flashbacks of the accident and was avoiding going to a spot where it happened.

Treatment: The goals for the therapy were to reduce anxiety symptoms (racing heart, tensed body, cold sweat, sadness), eliminate nightmares and to help her to overcome thoughts that something bad could happen. OEI, mindfulness and coaching techniques were used to reduce symptoms of anxiety and introduce self-care into the daily routine.

Results: The client reported staying more in the present, reduced anxiety, 'feeling happy'. She mentioned that her mind doesn't take her to the past and she finally found relief from worries.

Success story: Anxiety due to a car accident...
The client was recommended by her family doctor to see a counsellor because of her extreme anxiety. She had a fear of driving as well as being a passenger. She would exaggerate of what could happen and be scared 'unexpected', so her anxiety would escalate and she would get a panic attack.

Treatment: OEI technique helped the client to retrain her body to feel more relaxed and recover from anxiety more quickly. Mindfulness techniques were also introduced to feel more grounded and more present.

Results: After four sessions the client reported living in a calmer state. She said 'she is not worried anymore about what could happen and doesn't think 'what if'.

Success story: Nervous about driving after a car accident...
The client came to therapy after a car accident, she was really nervous about driving and had frequent panic attacks while driving on highways and when she had to cross a bridge. She also had extreme anxiety whenever a car would get too close to her. She also had stomach problems and her leg was shaking sometimes when she was too nervous.

Treatment: OEI therapy was used to help the client to find relief from anxiety. She was also supported in changing her driving habits to feel more present through mindfulness techniques.

Results: After eight sessions the client reported that she has no panic attacks anymore and has no worries when she is driving.  She said she feels calmer and more in control.