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Life-Skills Coaching

Life-Skills Coaching

I will assist you in clarifying your vision and developing the steps to get you there. I will offer you solutions and strategies, and I will challenge and support you while you are moving forward towards your goals.

Together we will do an inventory of your life, get clarity if you are on the right path and if you are living up to your values. We create a picture of best possible outcomes, define your goals, break them down to manageable tasks, and develop a life structure that allows you to live the life you want without sacrificing your family and work.

The coaching session can be done in-person or by video-conferencing.

Coaching vs. Counselling

The goal of Counseling is to help you to recover from your past wounds and find freedom from their pain.

The Coaching goal is to move you toward your desired future. I use coaching skills as part of my therapy when you need to clarify your vision and set up goals. However, I also offer coaching as stand-alone service if you seek guidance to in your career or business, personal growth, communication, life-style.

Coaching Clients Are Saying

Dear Tatiana, I am very grateful for your help, I respect you so I want to do my homework!  


Tatiana has a relaxed, yet professional attitude. Her words helped me to find the power and guidance within myself to move forward.  

S., Vancouver, BC

I have more strength and a clearer picture of what I want now and I am very appreciative of how Tatiana has helped me accomplish that.  I would not hesitate in recommending Tatiana to anyone who needs a life/relationship coach.

M., Vancouver, BC

This class was very informative, useful, and uplifting. If you wish to create a balance in your personal, professional and spiritual life, and make time for dating, then this is the class for you. I learned a lot about myself and I am a more confident, positive person, who is looking forward to getting married, once again. Step out of your comfort zone, and step up to real life.

H., Vancouver, BC

I found Tatiana to be a very personable and compassionate individual and easy to talk to even though I had never met her before. She made me feel very comfortable which is not easy sometimes when you are talking about personal issues with a complete stranger. I met her when I was frustrated with what was happening in my life and she was able to give me the encouragement, support and tools I needed to move forward.

M., Vancouver, BC

What I find amazing about Tatiana is how well she listens. She is in no rush to force an answer on you but somehow allows you to discover your own truth.  A great guide to your inner resources.

H.T., Vancouver, BC

Tatiana knows the right questions to ask to help you figure out what it is that you truly want.

Njeri Watkins, Vancouver, BC

The experience of having a life coach was new and rewarding. The weekly sessions motivated me to take action and meet deadlines. Tatiana encouraged me to take initiative especially in areas of procrastination. Her approach was gentle yet assertive, understanding and compassionate. Having a life coach helps to keep you on your path to success. And Tatiana has sent me in the right direction.

Nancy K., Vancouver, BC

Tatiana is an excellent personal coach and motivator, who really cares about me. She helped me to clarify, and set new goals, with regards to relationships, and to create a balance in life.

Heather C., Vancouver, BC