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When "Just Do It"

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Trauma, Self Esteem and Relationship Counselling (Online)

Areas of Practice


Self-Esteem and Confidence Counselling

Do you think about yourself in a highly negative and critical way? Do you feel others judge or think less of you? Do you need to build up the confidence?
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closeness in chaos of pandemic

Relationship and Marriage Counselling

Going in circles trying to get your partner understand what you are saying? Having difficulties to ask for what you need? Looking for better ways of communicating?
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Trauma Focused Therapy

Psychological traumas due to past abuse, neglect or medical emergency? Grieving over the loss of your loved one?
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Car Accident Trauma Therapy

Have a current ICBC claim? Experiencing persisting symptoms after the accident? I work directly with ICBC so no need to wait to start our therapy.
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I am a counsellor who works with these issues every day

Do you feel that’s it’s been a long time that you felt at peace?. Have you tried to look at positive sides but the negative creeps in despite of all your efforts? Do those painful memories get in a way of enjoying your life? Do you feel that your life is just passing by? You know things can be better, but you just don’t know how to get there.

I know that people with strong personalities often hesitate to ask for help. I've been there myself. Self-help books, meditation or will power (Just do it!!!????) - I have tried it all but I never felt completely happy and content. When we have a physical wound we seek medical help but we are hesitating to ask for help because you are taught 'you should be able to control your mind'. We do have controk, however only of a small part of it, the logical mind. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The other, bigger part, with all our subconscios reactions, fears, beliefs can not be changed without special therapy.

Don't wait for too long. Your life can be brighter. The chronic stress and anxiety does affect our brain function . The conficts and disagreements in your relationships can be too damaging. Whatever it is, it can be improved. You will get a fresh perspective, feel more at peace and more in control of your life. If you are fed up with things how they are and really want things to be better, give me a call. I will help you to get ‘unstuck’ and show some really good skills. Besides all the right credentials and extensive training , I also have rich worldly life experiences. I will support and guide you to make the changes you want.

Does online therapy work the same as in-person therapy?

Studies show that online counselling can be as effective as in-person therapy. If you feel overwhelmed and need some support due to isolation, loss of a job or worry about loved ones, give it a try. About online therapy