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About Me

About Me

I talked to many women and I what I found that happy and unhappy people have the same amount of pain and traumas. The difference is that happy people are happy with themselves and are not dependent on external sources of validation, so they always feel grounded and strong in their ‘love for life’.

I know life can hurt. I can’t take away your suffering, but I know that in most cases you can find a solution, heal your emotional pain, find that confidence and peace within yourself and go on with your life.

I had my share of painful experiences and I found the way to move from ‘distress’ to ‘happiness’, from ‘codependency’ to ‘interdependency’, from ‘self-hate’ to ‘self-compassion’. My own journey towards healing the past motivates me to support other women to do the same, so they can be more present, authentic, and deeply connected in their relationships.

As a therapist and coach I will support you in healing your past traumas, increasing feelings of self-worth and finding joy in everyday life. I will help you to get a good sense of yourself, learn skills to build up your confidence, so you can stand strong in your power and live life on your terms.

My Approach To Therapy

My Strengths-Based Approach is focused on ‘what is working’ rather than ‘what’s not’. I will help you to identify your unique skills, gifts and talents so you can build up your personal strengths and resilience, which is essential to heal and to thrive in life.

This approach is based on Positive Psychology principles, making a shift from ‘how to treat dysfunction’ to ‘how to become happier and more fulfilled’. You will find this approach highly empowering and motivating and you will feel more in control and confident. We won’t ignore your weak points and will address pain and dysfunctions but will be focused more on building strengths rather than overcome weaknesses.
As a result, you will bring into your life more positive emotions, optimism and resilience, while decreasing unhelpful thinking and behaviours, and soul-damaging emotions.
My Experiential Approach in therapy involves role-playing, movements, guided imagery and reflective exercises. These are great tools to identify and address hidden and subconscious issues with the aim to achieve the better understanding of past experiences and release of feelings of anger, hurt or shame.

Trained in both, I use Therapy + Coaching in my practice. As a counsellor, I will hold your hand while you are going through a deep transformation, as a coach I will keep you accountable so you experience personal growth. As a results-oriented therapist, I am committed to getting you where you want as quick as possible.

My Group Programs are built specifically for women to work through past traumas and increase their confidence and feelings of self-worth, so they can start living free and ‘unapologetically’. These integrative programs offer a multi-aspect approach combining personalized attention of individual therapy, the supportive synergy of group work, accountability of coaching as well as psychoeducational resources on various topics through videos and webinars. Join the upcoming group program for women  

My Credentials and Experience

I hold Master’s degree of Education (M.Ed.) in Counselling Psychology from University of British Columbia (UBC) and have designation of Registered Clinical Counsellor , RCC (member #14281) with BC Clinical Association of Clinical Counsellors (BCACC)

The therapeutic modalities that I am experienced with include Person-Centered, CBT, DBT, Gestalt, Sandplay, Solution Focused and Emotionally Focused therapies offered through the lens of Attachment theory.

In addition to counselling I hold Life Coaching Certificate and offer Life Skills Coaching to explore your core values, set and prioritize goals, identify obstacles and layout a plan to move forward in life.

I use Observed Experiential Integration (OEI) to reduce symptoms of distress due to personal injuries, like anxiety, fears, depression and hopelessness.

Me as a therapist

My clients appreciate my Direct Style in therapy. You will hear my perspective and get my honest feedback. I will be real with you. I laugh, I share my stories and hold your hand strong while you are going through the rough times.

I will fully support your goals, I am not an expert in the room, I am just another human being who has skills to help you to process your emotions and heal the wounds. You can share anything with me, you won’t be judged, I’ve been there too.


(778) 891-5251, info@tatianamaranda.ca