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Counselling Online (Secure Video)

How do I know it’s secure?

There are limited services that the BC Counselling Association recommends to use for video counselling sessions to keep the privacy of our sessions. Those online video conferencing services have to be PIPEDA & PHIPA-compliant (privacy regulations of Canada)
The local JaneApp booking system that I’ve been using for bookings all our counselling appointments and both offer secure platforms for webcam sessions that are compliant with Canadian and BC privacy laws. They can be accessed by computers and cell phones and you do not have to download software.

Online counselling (Secure Video)
Online counselling

How a video session is done?

The booking notification, as well as an email reminder about your upcoming video session, will include a button to join me on video. You just click this button at the time of our appointment.

How to prepare for a video session

Find a quiet private room to keep confidentiality of our sessions
Make sure you have a good internet connection so we won’t be disconnected at the most critical time of our session
Make sure we can see and hear each other well (adjust the light, distance from the camera) so we stay connected like in face-to-face sessions

Give it a try

If you didn’t have any video sessions before, I would suggest giving it a try, you might be surprised how well they work. I have done quite deep work before using video sessions, there are ways to adjust any approach or therapy that I am using in face-to-face sessions, including those that aimed to work with traumas or couples counselling.

Who can benefit from online counselling?

  • Busy professionals, business owners and their spouses
  • People who frequently travel for work
  • Teachers, government employees who work abroad
  • Those who are on active military duty who work abroad
  • Expats seeking the same level of professional service they are used to in their country of origin
  • Those in the limelight such as celebrities and politicians who prefer privacy and discretion
  • Couples in a long-distance relationship, or ‘commuter couples’
  • Couples living in remote areas, where professional counselling service is not available

Online Couples Counselling

Whether your hectic schedules don’t allow you to find the time to be at the counselling office, or you are in different cities, we can do our couple’s work online, using a secure video conference platform.

We work on the same issues that we do in couple’s therapy that is done in person: communication struggles, sex and intimacy issues, or infidelity. Many studies prove that online counselling is as effective as face-to-face therapy. Couples Counseling Online can help you improve communication, deepen the emotional bond with your partner, find yourself more committed to your relationship.

Benefits of Counseling Online

  • It saves you time. If you have a busy schedule sometimes online counselling can be the only way to get to therapy without taking the time away from your life. It also eliminates your travelling and parking time
  • It makes therapy possible if you work opposite schedules and can be both at therapy at the same time. One partner can be at work and another – at home.
  • You feel more relaxed since you can do therapy in your own private space, either it’s a couch in your living room, your car or your private office.
  • A more natural setting means more natural interactions.
  • Your therapy process will be more consistent. You know that it takes regular practice to get good at any new skill. The same is true for couples therapy. It’s easier to use your new skills at a therapy office though when it all makes perfect sense. But when you go home your buttons are being pushed those skills can fly our of the window. So, we need to practice, one or two therapy sessions just won’t do it. Weekly 6-12 sessions are recommended

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