Group Program for Women | Tatiana Maranda Counselling

'UnApologetic Living'

Group Program for Women

Small Group Program For Women

Join us for a relationship and self-esteem tune up
    • Explore and challenge your negative self-talk
    • Learn to communicate your needs more assertively
    • Release unhealthy guilt and build better boundaries
    • Develop stronger self-care habits
    • Release triggers and heal the wounds of the past

During this program you will -
  • Find and practice the right balance of caring for yourself and caring for others
  • Improve your relationships, repair trust and deepen intimacy with loved ones
  • Increase feelings of self-worth and start saying ‘yes’ to yourself more often
  • Start making better choices without regrets and self-doubts
  • Address such feelings of guilt and shame so, you can be 'unapologetically' yourself
This program is designed for women to address women’s unique challenges. It would be especially beneficial for women who have a tendency to take care of others at the expense of their own physical or mental health. Join us if you feel you need support to heal your emotional pain, receive gentle feedback and get practical advice and resources in a positive environment.
12 week UnApologetic Living” Group Program For Women-5

If you are tired of sitting on sidelines and ready to go on with your life and become that confident, secure and free woman you long to be this program is for you.


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