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Community Workshops

Community Workshops

Put Yourself First Without The Guilt

  • Do you feel you just have no time left for yourself because it seems everything is important?
  • Do you feel bad that you would be taking time away from your family?
  • Have you dropped a yoga class or a gym program because it wasn't 'the right' time?

Join us for this interactive 2 hour workshop, where you will learn why you struggle giving to yourself and how to enjoy more your me-time and feel more engaged.

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3 Keys To Unapologetic Living

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and under-appreciated?
  • Do you look 'put together' yet you feel like a mess inside?
  • Do you have difficulties to ask for what you want?

If this is you, I would like to invite you to this FREE 2 hour workshop, where you will learn how to...

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