Vancouver Counsellor – Trauma, Self-Esteem and Relationships

When "Just Do It"

Is Not Working


Vancouver counsellor specializing in Self-Esteem, Trauma and Relationships

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I am a Vancouver Counsellor who works with these issues every day

You feel that’s it’s been a long time that you felt at peace. Maybe you tried to look for positive sides but your anxiety always brings you back to where you are. Your painful memories don’t allow you to fully enjoy those precious moments and you feel that your life is just passing by. You know things can be better for you, but you just don’t know anymore how to get there.

You probably accustomed to doing things on your own and hesitate to ask for help. However, if you feel you have tried it all and still feel stuck in finding the right solution, you might need to see a specialist who deals with these kinds of issues every day. When we have a physical wound or any other kind of body dysfunction we seek medical help. As Vancouver Counsellor I can give you a fresh perspective, help you to get ‘unstuck’ and show some really good skills.

I understand it might be hard to connect for the first time. Often we wait though for too long. Anxiety might be by now unbearable or a relationship conflict went too far. Whatever it is, it can be improved but you need to make the decision. If you are fed up with things how they are and really want things to be better, give me a call. Besides all the right credentials and extensive training, I also have rich worldly life experiences. I will support and guide you to make the changes you want.

If you never done therapy before or have any doubts of whether it would help or simply want to connect to see if we are a good fit, call for a free 15 min consultation. Together we will find a solution that would fit your work or life, find confidence, heal traumas and find more happiness and peace.

The issues that can be resolved during counselling therapy

  • Get a relief from worries and anxiety. You will stop those ruminating destructive thoughts and calm your mind
  • Feel more relaxed, will be able to sleep better and have more energy during the day
  • Feel more positive towards yourself, reduce self-doubts and unhealthy guilt and shame
  • Get more comfortable in your own skin. You will increase your feelings of self-worth and improve self-esteem
  • Work through past traumas that still show up in your present
  • Feel more joy and be able to laugh more and express yourself more authentically
  • Have a better and deeper connection in your relationships. You will be able to express your needs better and get heard

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